Veggie Overload

This past Easter and like most Easters, my family and I make brunch at my grandmothers house. My future sister-in-law made this delicious Egg and Sausage Breakfast Casserole, and of course I had her send me the recipe. However, as I glazed over the recipe, I could see that it was not too healthy. So I decided to find a recipe that is more healthy and had a bit more veggies. I found a recipe for Veggie-Loaded Breakfast Casserole. Although it did not call for any meat, I added some crumbled sausage and left out the mushrooms as I hate mushrooms. And believe me, I know hate is a strong word, but I mean it.

The recipe was extremely easy to make and tasted amazing. I added a bit extra cheese because, well, who doesn’t love cheese. Because it is a casserole, I had this for breakfast for the next week and it made eating breakfast so much easier. I pre cut about 11 squares and indiviually wrapped them so it was an easy “grab and go” breakfast.

In most cases, I would have just made the recipe that my future sister in law sent to me, however I thought it was best to find a healthier version. This challenge has opened my eyes to so many different food groups and cultural cuisines. It is crazy that there are so many better and more filling ways to eat eggs and veggies rather than an omelet or scrambled eggs. Can’t wait to find more ways even after this challenge is over!

As Always,

Stay hungry my friends

Click for Veggie-Loaded Casserole Recipe


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