Through my Pinterest adventures these past 21 days, my recipe board has been filled with pinned recipes that looked too go to just scroll past. Even through watching those tasty made videos, I seem to come across the same recipe, just different versions. Bell Pepper Pizzas. And you may be thinking that it is just a normal pizza with peppers as the topping. But you’re wrong.

This is a pizza INSIDE a bell pepper..like what?!

My favorite pizza toppings are peppers and onions so I really couldn’t imagine me not liking this recipe. Although I could and would never want to go gluten free, it is extremely nice to find alternative ways to make common foods. Just as I have substituted pasta for spaghetti squash and wheat tortillas for zucchini tortillas in previous recipes, I have come to love these new ideas! However, nothing can compete with my unwavering love for gluten<3

But lets get serious for a quick sec..

I truly never expected to follow through with a 30 day challenge as well as l have. Maybe its because my class grade depends on this or maybe its my willingness to create change. I have never been one to love change, I stick to what I know and with that I figure nothing could go wrong. But change is constant and nothing is guaranteed. Through making new recipes everyday, I have found myself trying more than just new dishes. I feel accomplished after I make a new healthy meal and it turns out delicious. I become motivated to try new things. This challenge has truly taught me to embrace change.


As Always,

Stay hungry my friends

Click for Bell Pepper Pizza Recipe


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