An end of a challenge but a begining of a new me

In what feels like the blink of an eye, the month is over and the on going search for unqiue healthy recipes has come to an end.  Though it feels like just yesterday I was searching for healthy recipes on Pinterest, I can’t help but be proud of how far I have come and how well I stuck to this challenge.

Since I managed to stick to my goals with only 2 “cheat days”,  I wanted to try a dessert recipe for my last day. ‘Homemade Twix Bars‘ in all caps popped up on my Pinterest with with most beautiful picture that had me drooling. Although I was skeptical to find out that these Twix Bars were gluten free, paleo, and vegan, I couldn’t back down. Go Big or Go Home! Am I right? I mean this had to be my most challenging recipe so far, but it was amazing to learn how to use these new ingredients I have never even heard of before.

With this challenge coming to an end, I have learned things about myself that I can’t help but be proud of. I have not only become more goal oriented but I can now say with complete honesty that when I put my mind to something, I will not back down or take the easy way out. Although today is the last day of this 30 day challenge, it is not the end,  but rather the begining of a new, healthy me.

As Always,

Stay hungry my friends

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Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce? Yes, Please!

For as long as I can remember, anytime I have gone to an italian restaurant, I have always ordered chicken broccoli alfredo. I am so used to my mother homemade pasta sauce that it is hard to find other sauces tasty. Since I am such an avid fan of chicken broccoli alfredo, I wanted to try and make it myself. While researching traditional recipes, I happen to come across something a little out of the ordinary. The recipe for cauliflower alfredo sauce grabbed my attention and I couldn’t help but call off my search because I had found my recipe!

Although this was only a recipe for the sauce, I knew I could still my all time favorite italian dish. Cooking the pasta, broccoli and chicken was the easy part, the difficulty came with the sauce. The biggest challenge I faced was mastering the perfect consistancy for the sauce. However, I blended that up good! Once I was finished with the sauce, I was able to put some aside and freeze for a later time.

With a dish like this, the caloric intake can be rather high. For most of my life, I have not had a personal idea of wellness. As I mature and grow older, I am taking more of an initiative in health and wellness aspects of my life. This challenge has provided me an outlet to explore my own opinions and ideas of wellness. It is easy to make subtle changes that make a big difference. I am still able to enjoy my favorite dishes, simply by changing a few ingrediants and making it into something a bit healthier.

As always,

Stay hungry my friends

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Veggie Overload

This past Easter and like most Easters, my family and I make brunch at my grandmothers house. My future sister-in-law made this delicious Egg and Sausage Breakfast Casserole, and of course I had her send me the recipe. However, as I glazed over the recipe, I could see that it was not too healthy. So I decided to find a recipe that is more healthy and had a bit more veggies. I found a recipe for Veggie-Loaded Breakfast Casserole. Although it did not call for any meat, I added some crumbled sausage and left out the mushrooms as I hate mushrooms. And believe me, I know hate is a strong word, but I mean it.

The recipe was extremely easy to make and tasted amazing. I added a bit extra cheese because, well, who doesn’t love cheese. Because it is a casserole, I had this for breakfast for the next week and it made eating breakfast so much easier. I pre cut about 11 squares and indiviually wrapped them so it was an easy “grab and go” breakfast.

In most cases, I would have just made the recipe that my future sister in law sent to me, however I thought it was best to find a healthier version. This challenge has opened my eyes to so many different food groups and cultural cuisines. It is crazy that there are so many better and more filling ways to eat eggs and veggies rather than an omelet or scrambled eggs. Can’t wait to find more ways even after this challenge is over!

As Always,

Stay hungry my friends

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Cheat Day…? Make it two

As this 30 day challenge is coming to an end, it has become a bit more of a struggle to find healthy recipes that I find appetizing. Don’t get me wrong, there are endless possibilities of healthy recipes all over the internet, however, I want something different! I came across a recipe for BBQ Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs. Yeah, sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen am I right? However, as I was going through the recipe, I thought if I took away the bun and found a healthy hot dog, it couldn’t be too bad. I googled healthy hot dogs and found that Applegate Farms Uncured Hot Dogs have half the amount of fat and 200 less milligrams of sodium than the most popular hot dog brands. So I followed the recipe using the applegate farm hot dog and no bun. I also used just a couple tsps of BBQ sauce for the two hot dogs that I made(as I made one for my roommate). To no surprise, they were still delicious! Yes they are not crazy healthy and they are not something that I would not think to make during this challenge, but I am so happy that I did! It filled my craving and I am not even mad because I made it healthy! Well… somewhat:)

Before this challenge, I would have never looked for alternative ingredients that are more healthy but I couldn’t be more thankful that it changed me for the better!

But like… desert?

With the warm weather lately, I can’t help but wish for the summer. One thing that I love is summer night fires and that of course always comes with s’mores. For months, I have seen videos and recipes of something called a s’mores dip. It is so easy and so delicious! I melt the chocolate and marshmallows in the oven and use graham crackers as the “chip”. So simple! Unfortunately, there really was no way to make this healthy, but marshmallows are mainly egg whites right? and chocolate is good for you right? 😉

As always,

Stay hungry my friends

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Through my Pinterest adventures these past 21 days, my recipe board has been filled with pinned recipes that looked too go to just scroll past. Even through watching those tasty made videos, I seem to come across the same recipe, just different versions. Bell Pepper Pizzas. And you may be thinking that it is just a normal pizza with peppers as the topping. But you’re wrong.

This is a pizza INSIDE a bell what?!

My favorite pizza toppings are peppers and onions so I really couldn’t imagine me not liking this recipe. Although I could and would never want to go gluten free, it is extremely nice to find alternative ways to make common foods. Just as I have substituted pasta for spaghetti squash and wheat tortillas for zucchini tortillas in previous recipes, I have come to love these new ideas! However, nothing can compete with my unwavering love for gluten<3

But lets get serious for a quick sec..

I truly never expected to follow through with a 30 day challenge as well as l have. Maybe its because my class grade depends on this or maybe its my willingness to create change. I have never been one to love change, I stick to what I know and with that I figure nothing could go wrong. But change is constant and nothing is guaranteed. Through making new recipes everyday, I have found myself trying more than just new dishes. I feel accomplished after I make a new healthy meal and it turns out delicious. I become motivated to try new things. This challenge has truly taught me to embrace change.


As Always,

Stay hungry my friends

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Ditch the other side(s)

From the time I was a child, my mother would make one of those pasta sides with every meal that we had. Whether is was brocoli cheddar noodles or garlic shells, it was an easy side to pair with any chicken or pork meal. I have grown to love them and as a college student on a budget they are great for the price. However, I think we all know that they are not the healthiest!

When I found this recipe for Asparagus Lemon Risotto, I couldn’t help but think of those sides. This is a healthy meal option that brings the look and tast of those sides with the healthiness and vamped up taste in a full dish. It was even filling enough that I did not have to combine it with a meat.

The best part of this challenge has been the realization that these healthy dishes can truely make you feel good. For almost every meal before this challenge started, I would make a pasta side, breaded chicken and a vegetable. Although they were well rounded meals, they were boring and sometimes bland. I can see now how much these pasta sides weighed me down. I never had anything to compare it to until now and I can honestly say that I have more energy and feel better than ever!

As Always

Stay hungry my friends

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Snack it up

I decided to find snacks that would satisfy my sweet tooth and keep me full. So I wake up Sunday morning and immediately open my laptop to find a new snack recipe that looked appealing. I end up finding a recipe for cinnamon sugar baked apple chips! As I am always craving something sweet but still with a crunch these are perfect and so easy! I grated very thin apple slices, placed them on a cookie sheet, sprinkled some cinnamon sugar and popped them in the oven. So easy and little clean up!(my favorite) I was then able to put them in a plastic bag and bring them to the library with me that day as I am a big snacker when I do my school work.

Monday is always a different story…

I have a morning class and a three our afternoon class that leaves me away from my apartment until 4pm. I always need something that will keep me full for a decent amount of time that is also something I actually want to eat. Unlike normal granola bars that can have lots of processed sugars, I found a recipe for no bake oatmeal energy bites. For only five ingrediants, there were delicious and filling.

Unhealthy snacking has always been a weakness of mine but these healthy treats have shown me that they are healthy options! Now I even look foward to snacking

In moderation of course!

As Always,

Stay hungry my friends!

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